Welcome to The City Hotel

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The heart of Dunfermline hospitality since 1775

Our online booking system is available to enable you to make your reservation and help us keep our community safe: online booking system. Please be aware that The Deck outside area and Bridge Street Bar are over 18's only.

We've always been proud to be the heart of Dunfermline hospitality sinse 1775 and can't be more delighted that Her Majesty The Queen has officially announced that Dunfermline, Scotland's Ancient Capitol is now an official City as part of this years Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

So welcome to The City in the Historical Quarter of our fair wee City!

Time to Celebrate!

Whether you're planning a party, about to pop The Question or are looking forward to getting together with a loved one, family and friends The City Hotel is THE place to Celebrate!
From a delicious lunch to mark a special occasion to sharing some love on Valentines Day, not to forget Mothers Day and Easter - there's so much to look forward to this year!

About us

The City, as it's known locally, is a historical and yet modern hotel blending traditional service with contemporary details. From our chic cocktail bar serving innovative drinks, to our family dining restaurant or our sunny outdoor terrace there's a perfect spot for everyone.

Travelling through, in our city for an event or live locally?  The City is the place to meet, eat and have fun.


Opened the same year as the American Revolution began, The City Hotel has been at the centre of Dunfermline hospitality since 1775. Men have marched past on their way to two World Wars, we've seen the Forth Rail Bridge, the Road Bridge and now the Queensferry Crossing open and been here while 67 British Prime Ministers have come and gone! Generations have dined with us, been served wedding breakfasts and celebrated life's milestones.

The City continues to evolve with the times ensuring that you will always have a warm welcome and a memorable experience.